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Moscow Food Co-Op

Locally Grown, Cooperatively Owned

The Moscow Food Co-Op is a cooperatively- owned grocery store located in north central Idaho’s Palouse region, that is open to everyone. The co-op advocates for local farmers, producers and families affected by food insecurity. Through providing easy access to locally sourced food, and being good stewards of the earth and each other, The Moscow Food Co-Op promotes environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and healthful choices.

Originally established in 1973 by friends Rod Davis, Jim Eagan and Dave and Katie Mosel, today, the cooperative is guided by more than 7,800 owners and is governed by a democratically elected nine-member Board.

Idaho Preferred is proud to partner with Moscow Food Co-Op and promote the regions hard working farm and ranch families! They make it easy for consumers to find local Idaho products on the shelves of the Moscow Food Co-Op every day.