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Nampa Farmers Market

Nampa Farmers Market

Come and experience the award-winning Nampa Farmers Market, consistently ranked as one of the top farmers markets in the nation! Every week, this bustling market brings the sleepy downtown community of Nampa alive with its vibrant energy and endless selection of fresh produce and locally crafted products.

Located at Lloyd’s Square, the Nampa Farmers Market is the place for connecting with local farmers, producers, crafters, and artisans. With a focus on promoting local farmers, producers and food crafters, the market provides a platform for education, entrepreneurship, social gathering, community building, and interaction.

But the Nampa Farmers Market isn’t just a place to shop – it’s a destination for food lovers and craft enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking for locally grown, fresh produce for your next meal, unique handcrafted gifts, or simply a place to meet up with friends and family for some yummy treats, this market has it all.

Celebrate the best of what the Nampa Farmers Market community has to offer! Discover new flavors, connect with local makers, and experience the vibrant energy of the Nampa Farmers Market – the award-winning gem of downtown Nampa that will leave you coming back for more.