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Nutrir Prebiotics

Our story begins in the beautiful countryside of Brazil where Dwayne Souza and Daniel Morais joined together to form Aleris Nutrition. As Aleris grew into a respected international industry leader in yeast derived prebiotics Dwayne began to dream of bringing the health benefits of yeast derived prebiotics to people.

In late 2016 he assembled a small group of dedicated partners and shared his vision of “nourishing the world” – challenging them to create a product line that would bring nourishment to people.

In the fall of 2017 NÜTRIR Prebiotics was born. Nutrir means “to nourish” in Portuguese – a nod to both its core purpose and to the Brazilian roots of the yeast-derived prebiotic, HLC40TM.

Today, the passion continues.

We are passionate about nourishing the world and for this purpose we bring to you our HLC40TM; an all-natural, safe-for-all-ages, lactose free, gluten free, yeast-derived prebiotic. HLC40TM nourishes the trillions of good bacteria that live in you, who confer digestive and immune system support to you, their host. With NUTRIR Prebiotics it really is – Your Body. Better.

Products: Chocolate Protein Shake, Vanilla Protein Shake, Salted Caramel Protein Shake, Coffee Fresh Energy Mix, Chocolate Feel Full Smoothie, Vanilla Feel Full Smoothie, Strawberry Feel Full Smoothie, Prebiotic Capsules