Oakdell Egg Farms, Inc.

3643 S. 4000 E.

Franklin, ID 83237
(801) 298-4556


Oakdell’s hens have been laying eggs right in your area since 1905. Many of your store brand eggs including Smith’s, Macey’s, Albertson’s (in WA & OR), WinCo (UT, WA & OR only) , Dan’s, Fred Meyer, Harmons, and Costco (UT & ID only) are from Oakdell Egg Farms.

Oakdell produces Non-GMO Organic Cage-free eggs.  Their Cage-free brown Organic eggs come from hens that are fed non-GMO grain, have access to the outdoors, are never in cages, and are always free to roam. They continue to produce an Omega-3 brown egg from brown hens fed an enriched vegetarian diet. One of Oakdell’s egg farms is in Idaho.


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