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Reed’s Dairy Inc

From Our Family Farm To Your Family's Table

Reed’s Dairy, a cherished family-owned dairy in Idaho Falls, has been delighting customers with farm-fresh milk, handcrafted small-batch ice cream, and artisanal cheese since 1962. They take pride in maintaining a small, contented herd of Holstein cows, ensuring they receive the utmost care on the same family farm that has been tended for four generations.

Their convenient home-delivery service brings their exceptional dairy products and a selection of fresh produce right to your doorstep. Available in the Idaho Falls area and throughout the Treasure Valley, their deliveries stretch from Ontario in the west to Mountain Home in the east, and from Emmett in the north to Kuna in the south.

For those outside their delivery area, Reed’s Dairy offers shipping of their acclaimed ice cream, cheese curds, and chocolate milk anywhere in the U.S. Additionally, during the holiday season, customers can indulge in their heavenly eggnog and chocolate nog, available for order.

With locations in Boise, Idaho Falls, Ammon, and Meridian, customers can easily find Reed’s Dairy products nearby. Whether it’s their fresh milk, delectable cheese, or homemade ice cream, a visit to one of their locations promises a delightful experience for all.