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Roots Potato Chips

We all snack. Some snack better.

We’re the Wahlens! Ladd, Zoey, Beckett, Briggs, and Miles. We love what we do. Our passion is farming and snacking. We are excited to share both with you!

The Farm

Growing up on a family farm gave Ladd an enduring love for agriculture. We started our own family farm operation about 7 years ago.

We farm conventionally and are certified organic farm. Since our first year farming, we have focused on practices that are beneficial to soil health. We are continually improving our sustainable and regenerative practices on our farm.

As farmers, we rely on the land for a living. The earth provides our livelihood while feeding us all. This connection pushes us to take care of the soil that we have been blessed with. The more we give back, the more we get in return. It is a beautiful collaborative cycle. 

Six different flavors of gourmet kettle potato chips made with Idaho Potatoes grown on the farm.