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Shoemaker Bison Ranch

100% All Natural Bison

In 1980, Dan Shoemaker made the decision to transition his family’s farm from cattle ranching to raising bison, seeking an alternative and more sustainable way of farming. After learning about the benefits of bison, Dan decided to give it a try, and his passion for these magnificent animals grew from there.

Today, the ranch is proudly run by Dan, his son Chase, and even Chase’s kids help out, making it a thriving fourth-generation operation. The Shoemakers’ commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices has not only allowed their family to thrive but has also made them an important contributor to the local Idaho food movement.

Shoemaker Bison Ranch is not only committed to providing high-quality, delicious bison meat, but they are also an important player in the local Idaho food movement. By using sustainable and ethical practices to raise their bison, the ranch helps to support local agriculture and protect the environment. Additionally, the ranch’s commitment to non-GMO, hormone-free meat provides a healthy and natural option for consumers who are looking to make more conscious food choices.

Through their dedication to producing top-quality bison meat and supporting local agriculture, Shoemaker Bison Ranch is a shining example of how small, family-owned farms can make a big impact in Idaho’s local food supply chain.