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Soldier Mountain Highland & Huns

Heritage breed AHCA registered Scottish Highland Cattle

Soldier Mountain Highlands & Huns is a 120-acre Scottish Highland Cattle ranch nestled below the Soldier Mountains on the Camas Prairie near Fairfield, Idaho.

About Us

We are a small, first generation family ranch, nestled at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains, where Soldier Mountain meets the Camas Prairie. Soldier Mountain Highland Beef Co. is grown out of the lifelong dream of Dennis Stitt, a 39 year army veteran, whose grandfather had a small self-sustaining farm, in Western Pennsylvania. At Soldier Mountain Highland Beef Co., we are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, conserving our precious wild lands, and preserving the heritage of small farmers and ranchers. We believe in the importance of knowing where and how your meat is raised. The soil of the Camas Prairie is rich in nutrients, and those nutrients are passed along to the consumer. Even our hay comes from local farmers, here on the Camas Prairie, and our goal is to build a self-sustaining ranch where even our hay is grown on our own land.

So, why raise Scottish Highland beef?

As a heritage breed, the Scottish Highland is extremely hardy, able to gain on less desirable pasture and woodlands. Their long coats provide excellent insulation, even in harsh mountain winters, so they develop less fat than other cattle breeds, with excellent marbling. This means highlands provide excellent tasting, high quality lean beef that is high in protein, iron, and healthy fatty acids. They are also disease resistant and low maintenance, with excellent temperaments. These qualities make the Scottish Highland an excellent choice for low input farming and land conservation, and we are passionate about farm and ranch practices that allow for a harmonious relationship with the land.

If you would like to know how your beef is raised, we welcome people to stay at our Airbnb ranch accommodations where you can meet our cows, ask us questions, and experience why Soldier Mountain Highland Beef Co. is right for you and our environment.

True wellbeingfrom developing sustainable ranch practices, to producing high quality beef, all in a naturally healing environment, we’re bringing our passions to you.

Soldier Mountain Highlands & Huns also has a 6-person Airbnb, and guests can explore the outdoor recreation surrounding the property, inquire about upland game hunting, stay up to date on their fold of highland cows, and/or check out their highland sales selection building as they do.