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The Honey Store

In a world of artificial this and manufactured that, The Honey Store is a wonderful demonstration of the things that come from Nature. The Noyes Family has been harvesting nature’s bounty for over 30 years to share with families like yours.

Noyes Apiaries was started in September 1973 by Tony and Debbie Noyes in New Plymouth, Idaho, producing quality honey and helping to pollinate various local area crops.

Always a family operation, they were pleased when their son, Nick, took over the management of the bees in the local area some twenty plus years ago. The Honey Store opened in Fruitland in 2000 and have continued to expand their product line to include comb honey, cut comb, liquid honey, and creamed honey.

Nick and Shilo Noyes operate the store with the help of other family members. They welcome you to drop in and taste the bounty of nature. Visit Shilo, Nick, and other family members for a complimentary honey tasting and let them help you find your favorite flavors of honey.

Comb Honey
Cut Comb
Liquid Honey
Creamed Honey