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Vitalize Juice Company

Vitalize Juice Company grows all of their leafy greens in an indoor grow room, cold press them with fruits and vegetables, and subsequently flash freeze the juices. The raw, unpasteurized fresh frozen juice is sold at local farmers markets and delivered directly to customers’ doors. Their juices are renowned for their freshness and vitality, as no water is added, resulting in incredible flavor profiles. In addition to their juice offerings, they are preparing to introduce an herb line, meticulously hand mixing and encapsulating the herbs to complement their juice cleanses. These juices can be savored for their taste and health benefits, whether enjoyed individually or as part of a comprehensive cleanse.

Their small family business, located in Marsing, operates without a physical storefront. Audra, her husband Sean, and their two pre-teen sons manage all aspects of production, sales at the markets, and shipping. With a focus on local, wholesome products, they epitomize a small, health-conscious enterprise.