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Wallace Brewing Company

Beer of Historic Proportion

North Idaho’s rich history comes to life Wallace Brewing Co. where craft beers tell the tale of the region’s past. Founded by passionate owners Chase Sanborn, Dean Cooper, Rick Magnuson and the Zanettis, the brewery embodies Wallace’s indomitable pioneer spirit.

And let’s not forget about master brewer Jack Johnson’s expertise and passion for brewing, which shines through in every sip at the Orehouse Tasting Room, where numerous medals from his award-winning beers adorn the walls. As you sample your own brew flights, you’ll taste more than just Idaho-grown hops and barley — you get the essence of Idaho’s rugged landscape, pioneer spirit, and the untamed wilderness permeating every drop, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.

A road trip through the historical town of Wallace would not be complete without stopping in for a friendly hello and ag-artisian brews. So raise a pint to Wallace Brewing Co., where history, hops, and the rugged spirit of the mining camp converge to create an unforgettable Idaho craft beer experience. By championing Idaho-grown ingredients, the brewers not only craft exceptional beers but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the state’s beer farming industry.