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Wilsey Ranch



Wilsey Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch in Idaho, over 50 years old, and founded by fourth-generation ranchers. Debby and her late husband of 45 years, Ed, purchased the ranch located in the Owyhee Mountains. Debby now operates the ranch with her daughters Lisa, Rachel, and daughter Hayden. In 2010, Debby was recognized for many water projects, no-till planting, and pasture rotation as Owyhee County Conservationist of the Year.

Debby is also a founding member of The Boise Farmers Market which prides itself in being a producers market. Debby’s family ranched on Kidder Ridge in Idaho County where she learned her expertise of calving and animal husbandry. She is the head organizer, wild cow milker, heifer calving guru, and also creates the best huckleberry cheesecake around.

After graduation, Lisa studied Culinary Arts at Boise State and after many years in the restaurant field decided that producing rather than creating was the place to be. On the ranch, she holds the role of a little of everything–irrigator, hay feeder, cow mover, McNab pup wrangler, social media, and soil management worker.

When not leading the local 4-H group or running after track-loving Hayden; Rachel and Jake are branding, cattle drive essentials.

The meat business cattle are a mixed breed of Devon mother cows that are bred to Akaushi Bulls (red wagyu) for a tender quality product. The crossbred cattle, perfected to thrive on the desert soil, run on intensely managed rangeland in the Owyhee Mountains, feeding on a unique mix of grass and forbs. They are given no hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified feeds.

Their fall calving herd is strictly Devon; they breed for replacement heifers and commercial bulls. The Devon disposition is calm, with deep bodies that will pack on the pounds even in drought years. Wilsey Ranch bulls are raised on the Owyhee Range, ensuring the hardiness of the animal.

Wilsey Ranch handles all their animals humanely and with respect while providing them with a stress-free life.

In the fall of 2023, Wilsey Ranch launched its own Tallow Skin Balm line. Each balm was created with nature using their grass-fed beef tallow, local herbs, wild berries and plants harvested from the Owyhee Mountains, and local honey. They are wonderful for Idaho’s dry climate; just choose your fragrance.

The Wilsey Ranch mission is to produce a healthy, nutritious, sustainable product, with minimal impact on the environment. They care for the animals and land humanely with the goal of passing it on to future generations.