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Janine Zacca

Zacca Hummus

Hummus Just The Way It Should Be

Janine Zacca-Zenner met her husband, Chris, when he was attending graduate school in Miami, Florida.  Chris, an Idaho native, was born into a family who had farmed for three generations. Nestled in Genesee, Idaho, the Zenner Family Farm is a pioneer in sustainable farming, annually cultivating 1 1/2-2 million pounds of chickpeas. Certified by the Food Alliance, this farm embodies excellence, offering identity-preserved beans traceable back to their fields.

With a middle-eastern background, Janine Zacca-Zenner learned from her mother how to make hummus, a spread made from garbanzo beans. Chris Zennerʼs family grows garbanzo beans on their farm in Genesee, Idaho. It was a match made in “hummus heaven”.

Enter Janine Zacca Zenner, where Lebanese heritage meets a passion for culinary artistry. With a middle-eastern background, Janine learned the art of crafting hummus, a spread made from garbanzo beans, from her mother, “Memo”. Chris, on the other hand, hails from a family that grows garbanzo beans on their farm in Genesee, Idaho. It was a match made in “hummus heaven.”

Memo was dismayed when she discovered Janine was using canned garbanzos for her hummus, calling it a “Lebanese sin.” Recognizing the superior quality of farm-fresh beans, Janine’s mother insisted they switch. Inspired by this, Janine and Chris built their hummus business around the farm-to-fork concept.

Janine Zacca

Janine’s entrepreneurial spirit birthed ZZ Foods, anchoring Zacca Hummus to a singular source—the Zenner Family Farm. This move, preserving authenticity, propelled Zacca Hummus to national acclaim. In 2022, victory in the Kroger Pitch Competition set the stage for East Coast expansion through the Go Fresh Go Local Pitch competition.

Zacca Zenner Family

Now found in major retailers across the nation, Zacca Hummus offers flavors like Traditional, Poblano Pepper, Roasted Red Pepper, Spicy Mediterranean, and Cilantro Parsley. Each tub is a narrative of dedication, authenticity, and a journey from the family farm in Genesee to tables nationwide.