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Idaho Preferred® works with Idaho farmers, producers and food processors to get their products in the hands of Idaho consumers. We work with each company individually to determine the most effective marketing strategy and then assist participants in implementing the plan. We provide access to retailers and assist in creating effective retail promotions. For companies who wish to sell to the foodservice industry, we provide opportunities to participate in distributor trade show, chef events and make direct contact with restaurants and school cafeterias. To increase awareness of the Idaho Preferred® program and logo, we host an advertising campaign that includes TV, radio, print and website promotions.

In short, Idaho Preferred® is a resource for retailers, restaurants, schools, producers, processors and consumers alike. We assist our participants in meeting consumer’s demands for local products and help consumers find the local products they seek.

Ready to join Idaho Preferred®?

Becoming a participant is as easy…

1. Read a copy of the Idaho Preferred® Program Rules to determine the eligibility of your products. This document is available online or by mail.

2. Submit your completed Idaho Preferred® Participation Application along with a check or money order for the appropriate fee.

There is no fee for Restaurants or Retail/Farmers Markets.

Idaho Preferred Producer/Processor Application

Food Service Application

Retail-Farmers Market Application

3. As an approved Participant in the Idaho Preferred® program, you are entitled to use the Idaho Preferred® logo on product labeling, advertising, signage, letterhead, business cards, and other point-of-sale and promotional material. The digital artwork of the Idaho Preferred® logo will be sent to you with your welcome kit. Permission to use the Idaho Preferred logo form.