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Idaho Carrots

Easy to pack and perfect for that favorite dip, the crunchy texture and sweet taste of carrots make them a popular family staple. Locally grown Idaho carrots are in season from July through November. Since Idaho carrots aren’t grown on a large scale, you most likely won’t find them in grocery stores, so head to your farmers market or farm stand, to find carrots grown in Idaho.

Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm carrots
Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm carrots

Carrot Basics

What to Look For: When buying carrots, look for bright orange-gold color and medium size. Usually the smaller the carrot, the sweeter it will be. For fun and variety, look for rainbow carrots. Some Idaho farmers are growing purple, red, and yellow carrots!

How to Store: Carrots store well in a cool, dry environment, such as in the refrigerator. Before storing, remove carrot tops so the green swill won’t wilt and draw moisture away from the roots, which will turn the carrot limp and rubbery. The tops are full of nutrition, so instead of discarding, add them to soups or chop them and add to salads.

In Season