cucumbersCucumbers are a summertime favorite and can be found at grocery stores, farmers markets and road-side produce stands from July to September.

Cucumber Basics

How to pick: Look for cucumbers that are firm and well shaped with a solid green color without signs of soft spots, yellowing or puffiness. Cucumbers should be heavy for their size. Avoid cucumbers that are soft and light or have shriveled ends.

How to store: Fresh cucumbers can be stored for in the refrigerator for up to one week. Because cucumbers thrive in temperatures just over 40º F, keep them in a plastic bag on a shelf toward the front of the refrigerator, which tends to be warmer.

Fresh Tomato Cucumber GazpachoRecipes

Want to make your own pickles? No problem! You can now find local pickling cucumbers at farmers markets and farm stands. Remember the best pickles are made from varieties of cucumbers grown specifically for pickling so make sure to ask your grower or retailer for pickling cukes.