Idaho Forest Products

When you start to think about your next home improvement project make sure to look for Idaho forest products. Whether it is lumber for a new deck, shingles or wood framed windows you need, all of these products can come from Idaho’s forests.

Forest products include all products made of wood fiber such as timber, wood chips, sawdust or shavings including lumber, paper, particleboard, fence, corral posts or rails, shingles, shakes, firewood or pellets, logs used in the construction of log homes or any other product sold commercially. Idaho’s forests are one of the states most valuable resources and provide us with high quality materials.

Idaho Forest Products 02

By choosing Idaho forest products you are helping  to grow our local economy. To find Idaho wood products look for the Idaho Preferred logo at your local lumber or home improvement store.

For more information visit the Idaho Forest Products Commissions website.