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Idaho Peppers

Idaho produces bell peppers, sweet peppers, and hot peppers, primarily by home gardeners. Peppers are warm-season vegetables so look for them at your local farmers market or farm stand in July, August, and September.

BlueRock pepper

How to Use Idaho Peppers

Colorful bell varieties are great to eat fresh, sauteed, or in soups. Sweet peppers are crisp and refreshing and are great eaten raw or cooked in your favorite dishes. Hot chili peppers can be added to salsas and other dishes to add a little spice. Some chili peppers turn bright red. Contrary to popular belief, this is often an indication of ripeness and not how hot and spicy the flavor is.

Fun Fact about Idaho Peppers

Green bell peppers are unripe peppers that, when fully ripened turn red, orange, and other colors, depending on the variety.  

BlueRock peppers

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