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Support Local Restaurants and Idaho Products


Our local restaurant industry continues to be one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic. The effects are not only felt by staff but also the restaurants themselves and extending into Idaho’s Ag Industry that supplies their local products. Restaurants in Idaho have a huge impact on Idaho agriculture from Simplot’s frozen French fries to small farming operations delivering herbs. Thanks to our many industry chefs that continue to craft meals featuring farm-to-table menus and cuisine that utilize local ingredients, we are still creating an important market for Idaho producers.

As local restaurants across the state begin to open up, it’s important to show your support. By enjoying food from our local restaurant community, you are helping to strengthen Idaho’s economy and keeping your food dollars in the state. Whether you choose to enjoy being out again and sitting on a socially distanced patio or ordering carry-out, you are doing your part to help local chefs and restaurant workers go back to work while also supporting Idaho food producers that supply area restaurants.

If you’re tired of cooking and want to skip another sink full of dishes, dine out! Local chefs throughout the state work hard to support our local farmers and ranchers, so choose a restaurant that purchases Idaho agriculture by picking from one of the many Idaho Preferred restaurants.