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Thanks for Helping Me Grow

Simple and Fun Kids Craft for Teachers or Parents

As we dive deeper into spring and gardening season, there are SO many fun crafts to do. With Thank a Teacher Day and Mother’s Day approaching, we’ve put together a vibrantly fun and easy craft that kids can make for their Teachers or Parents last minute! Don’t have the materials you need on hand or time? Don’t worry, we’ve included a printable PDF that kids can cut and customize at the end of this tutorial!

The Craft:


What You Need:

  • Green paper for stem and leaves
  • White paper for the background
  • 2 different colored paper for the flower
  • Glue (a stapler is optional but is really convenient)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler



Step 1
Draw a 3×6 inch rectangle with a ruler, and cut it out along the border.

Step 2
Make a 1/2-inch mark on both sides of the rectangle and fold. Then, fold the whole rectangle in half. The two bottom flaps should come together to make the stem. Once you are happy with the shape of your stem, glue the bottom flaps together. Then, glue your stem on the blank piece of paper.

Step 3 Now we make the flower! You will need the two different colored paper here. In this case, I used yellow and hot pink. First, take the color you want to go on the outside of the flower and fold that piece of paper into an accordion. Next, take your secondary color and cut a 8×6 rectangle. Cut the rectangle out and fold it into an accordion as well

Step 4
Cut and round out the corners on both end on the larger and smaller accordion. Then, lay the smaller accordion on top of the larger one.

Step 5
With both pieces of papers on top of each other, fold the accordions in half to make a distinct crease. Then, find the center and glue (or staple) the center.

Step 6
You are almost done! Now spread open the flower and glue (or staple) the ends together to keep the flower open.

Step 7
Glue the flower on the paper just above the stem. Now cut out some leaves! If you wish to give the leaves a more 3D look, fold them in half and then fold a small flap at the bottom of the leaf and glue it to the stem.

Step 8
Make sure to leaver the awesome teacher in your life a note! Write “Thank You for Helping me Grow” at the bottom and sign your child’s name.

• While you can get away with gluing everything, we recommend using a stapler to stable the flowers open so you don’t have to hold it until it dries.
• Make sure each fold on the accordions are even. Uneven folds will make it challenging for the two pieces of paper to lay on each other.

Not enough time or missing materials?

Don’t worry, we got you.
We have created a printable PDF where all you have to do is print, cut and glue. It’s easy enough for even really young ones to do without too much supervision.

Printable PDF Here: