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Asparagus Season

Asparagus is in Season!
Fresh, local asparagus is now in season! As the weather warms up, asparagus begins to grow at a fast pace on farms across southern Idaho – growing as much as 6-8 ” on a warm spring day! Producers pick asparagus daily, cutting each stock by hand. You can find Idaho asparagus at retailers, farmers markets and on-farm stands across southern Idaho.
What to Look For: Thickness is a matter of taste, but whether you like thin spears or thick, stalks should be bright green and firm. Choose bunches with firm stalks, tightly closed tips and no flowering.
How to Store: Asparagus is best cooked the day it’s purchased, but it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days in one of the following ways: Wrap the bottoms of the stalks in a damp paper towel and place in a plastic bag and store in crisper, OR stand the bundled stalks in a bowl or jar with about an inch of water in the bottom.
Preparation: ​This first crop of spring is very versatile. It can be eaten raw, steamed, broiled, roasted or grilled and is great with or without added seasonings. For great asparagus recipe ideas go here.