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Pink flowers

Idaho Preferred® Blog Category: Seasonal Eating

Box of assorted fruits and vegetables.

By: Idaho Preferred Staff

To find your local CSA, check out our all-inclusive, state-wide directory of CSA options, offering a wide variety of agricultural products for you to choose from.

Tritip and chimchurri with potato and vegetable

By: Dawn Larzelier

Welcome to our July recipe roundup, where we're celebrating Idaho Beef Month, the bountiful season of Idaho cherries, and the joy of incorporating local food into your meal planning.

||||||Farm to Fork Restaurant Terroir & Butchery sources produce

By: Dawn Larzelier

The team behind Terroir Butchery & Wine have proven that you don’t need a place in order to create a sense of place. Instead, they rely on their ingenuity and local connections with area farmers and ranchers to source ingredients characteristic of Idaho’s own unique terroir.