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Beat the Heat with Idaho Ice Cream!

There are few things as delicious as ice cream to beat the sweltering Idaho heat. Thanks to our booming dairy industry and dozens of local creameries there is no shortage of this creamy delicacy throughout the state. Idaho is ranked 3rd in the nation for the production of dairy. Did you know that a single dairy cow produces enough milk to make 2 gallons of ice cream per day? Bill and Donna Stoltzfus are veterans of the industry. Since the early 1970’s Cloverleaf Creamery , based out of Buhl, has been churning ice cream from the milk of their registered Holstein cattle. You can find their products not only at their locally owned creamery but also in Whole Foods, the Boise Co-op, M&W markets and several other retailers.
Downtown Boise is home to The Stil; an innovative creamery that was voted Boise’s best dessert two years running. They offer custom crafted dairy ice cream, non-dairy and vegan options, along with alcohol infused creations. They proudly source their ingredients locally, integrating Idaho agriculture with their fun- loving atmosphere. Since 1911 Farr’s Candy Company has been producing local ice cream as well. Based out of Idaho Falls they can be found in Walmart, Winco, Broulim’s, and various other locations! Their huckleberry cheesecake ice cream is a taste bud pleaser! 
The Bing Cherry Ice Cream is a perfect homemade dish for any ice cream enthusiast. Fun fact: Marco Polo introduced ice cream into Europe in the 1300s; however it was probably nothing like the Idaho Sweet Corn Ice Cream! This dessert uses two of the gem state’s most abundant agricultural products to create a unique summer treat! Killer Creamery is an Idaho based company who knows their fair share about creating unique desserts. Currently they specialize in Keto Ice Cream; designed to be a healthy alternative to everyone’s favorite after-dinner snack. Whether you prefer store bought from the pint, directly from the creamery, or homemade ice cream is the perfect dish to explore Idaho companies and celebrate what the dairy industry has to offer!