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Farmers Market Season is Here

It’s April and that means it is the beginning of Farmers Market season! Vendors are hard at work harvesting their fresh produce and preparing homemade goods.


capital city market 2008 034There are so many reasons to shop at local farmers markets. Farmers markets are one of the best venues to find locally grown produce, meats, eggs and specialty foods all in one place. With over fifty markets operating in all corners of the state and many that are open multiple days per week, it’s so easy to find fresh, local products. And, when you buy food directly from the producers you are supporting local farmers, ranchers and the local economy.

Bill August 2009 084The food you buy at the market is also seasonal. This means it is being picked and delivered to market when it is the freshest and most flavorful. Try eating seasonally this year, using only the local ingredients harvested each month. For a excellent list of seasonal Idaho Preferred recipes using local ingredients, click here. For ideas on seasonal recipes all year-round, check out the Idaho Preferred cookbook. The cookbook features over a hundred delicious recipes organized by season, making it easy to learn about and cook with the freshest Idaho-grown products throughout the year.

Farmers’ markets are also a great place for variety. You will find produce and specialty goods you won’t see in your normal grocery store such as rainbow carrots, heirloom tomatoes, specialty melons and much more! It is a great opportunity to experiment with something you’ve never had before try something new!

Idaho Farmers MarketEvery year the Idaho State Department of Agriculture produces a Guide to Idaho Farmers Markets. The guide provides the dates, times, locations, and points of contact to the market. For a list of Idaho Preferred farmers markets across the state, click here.