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Grow Local Goodness

This Spring, Grow Your Own Local Food

Grow Idaho GoodnessSpring is here and fresh, local produce is popping up at farmers markets and retail stores. Grow your own local goodness and plant Idaho fruits, veggies and herbs in your garden this year. Find starter plants from nurseries like Ward’s GreenhouseMoss Greenhouses, Blue Barn Produce and More, Rustic Gardens, Sunnyside Gardens, Alpha Nursery & Garden Center, and Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens that either sell direct or distribute to local retailers like Zamzows, Albertsons, D&B Supply, Home Depot and Walmart.

Find all of your local gardening supplies, seeds, grow trays, soil and more at Far West Landscape and Garden Center, Town & Country Gardens and Alpha Nursery. You can also get expert advice or find an all-season gardening calendar that stretches from spring through fall planting and advises when to sow, plant in the ground and harvest.

TomatoLook for homegrown soil and potting products such as Magic Valley Compost or Smart Gro, a premium organic compost that can be ordered direct online or found in 14 retail locations across the state. Learn more here. These products are great additions to Idaho soils and increase your chances of a bountiful harvest.

Are you new to gardening and unsure where to start? There are so many great resources for how to begin a garden and enjoy fresh, local food all harvest season. Visit The Old Farmers Almanac online for tips on vegetable gardening for beginners.

Another fantastic resource for any level of gardener is the Vegetable Garden Planner. The planner adapts to your specific geographic location and advises when to sow, plant and harvest your crops. The planner also has tons of helpful tools, including email reminders of what needs planted from your personalized garden plans and a journal-like feature to track progress and record and how your garden is growing!

herbs iStock_000019906784Large_RGBWith so many wonderful fruits, vegetables and herbs to choose from you can plant your garden so something new is popping up throughout Idaho’s long harvest season. Look for the Idaho Preferred logo on bedding plants and herb starts to make sure you are planting Idaho-grown goodness in your garden!

For a full list of Idaho Preferred nurseries and garden centers, click here.