3 Horse Ranch Vineyards

5900 Pearl Rd.

Eagle, ID 83616
(208) 863-6561


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In 2003, Gary and Martha Cunningham broke ground in the foothills above Eagle, Idaho, planting historic Vitis Vinifera rootstock in Idaho’s fertile organic soil. Some of this rootstock traces its heritage to the 17th century Côtes du Rhône wine region in the southern Rhone Valley of France.

They chose organic growing methods in order to obtain the strongest and richest grapes possible, with the fewest detrimental effects on the environment. Their grapes are harvested by hand rather than by machine to reduce stress or damage to the fruit, vine or soil.

By utilizing environmentally sustainable farming practices their organic approach in the production from their vineyards illustrates not only our personal commitment to future generations of Idaho families, but to the preservation of the land itself.

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