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Cholmondeley Vineyards

Cholmondeley Vineyards in Nampa is dedicated to producing the highest quality, sweetest tasting table grapes in the Snake River Growing Region. By choosing Cholmondeley Vineyard grapes you’re making “A Healthful & Tasteful Choice” and you can “Taste the Difference”.

We grow our grapes organically and are moving ever closer to our full certification.

Harvest time can be from Mid-August and ends as late as Late-September depending on the weather.
Be sure to place orders early to reserve grapes by calling (208) 850-4261.

You can find our Grapes available during harvest at the following fine retail stores:

  • Boise Co-op (downtown Boise and Meridian)
  • Whole Foods Market

Varieties Available:

  • Jupiter Grapes – Sweet black grapes that are perfect for eating fresh or making juice, jelly or raisins.
  • Sweet Shelly Grapes – Mini Blueberry Grapes can be used in place of blueberries for snacking or baking into recipes.
  • Black Pearl Grapes 

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