Cholmondeley Vineyards LLC

4924 Roy Dr.

Nampa, ID 83686
(208) 850-4261


We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, sweetest tasting table grapes int he Snake River Growing Region. By choosing Cholmondley Vineyard Grapes you are making “A Healthful & Tasteful Choice” you can “Taste the Difference”.
We grow our grapes organically and are moving ever closer to our full certification.

Harvet time can being from Mid-August and ends as late as Late-September depending on the weather.
Be sure to place orders early to reserve grapes by calling (208)850-4261.

You can find our Grapes available during harvest at the following fine retail stores:

  • Boise Co-op (downtown Boise and Meridian)
  • Rosauer’s
  • Nampa Co-op
  • Wholefoods

Varieties Available:

  • Jupiter Grapes – Sweet black grapes that are perfect for eating fresh or making juice, jelly or raisins.
  • Alborz Grapes – Sweet red grapes that are best for eating fresh.
  • Sweet Shelly – Mini Blueberry Grapes can be used in place of blue berries for snacking or baking into recipes.

Don’t see what you want? Let me know, I may be able to find a source for you.

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