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Clayton Tree Farm

In 1979, Clayton Tree Farm (originally Clayton Nursery) was started when Bill and Diane Clayton planted 2,500 trees on their farm near Boise, Idaho. In 2002, they expanded and moved their operation 20 miles to the west to the small farming town of Wilder. Having started with just 2,500 trees, Clayton Tree Farm now produces over 20,000 trees a year for the Intermountain West region.

Given the semi-arid climate, they are able to produce cold hardy trees that match well with our surrounding states. Our hot summer temperatures and low humidity also allow them to ship right through the summer to their customers in Idaho, Utah and Colorado. Many of their customers claim that their dormant shipped trees acclimate well to their new environment and they summer shipped trees experience substantially less ‘shock’ than trees from other regions.

While Balled and Burlap (B&B) trees have been the backbone of the company for over 40 years, they also grow containerized trees.  They have grown #7s – #20s since the mid-90s using a pot-in-pot production system and over the past 10 years, they have developed a special #25 growing system. 

Clayton Tree Farm ship their trees to many different types and sizes of businesses. They work hard to deliver trees to their customers precisely when they want them. While they will try to accommodate smaller orders, given the constraints and expenses of shipping, they believe a ½ truckload minimum works best.

Click here for a list of varieties grown.