Plant Idaho Flowers

Flowers at local Idaho nursery and greenhouseNursery and greenhouse production is an important agricultural industry in Idaho making it easy to fill your garden and flower pots with locally grown plants. Look for the Idaho Preferred logo on hanging baskets, flower bowls, herb starts and plants grown in local greenhouses. Growers such as Ward’s Greenhouse, Moss Greenhouses, Olson’s Greenhouse and Warm Springs Greenhouse supply to local nurseries and garden centers in southwest Idaho including Zamzows, D&B Supply, Bi-Mart, Walmart and Albertsons while Rustic Gardens, Sunnyside Gardens, Town & Country Gardens and Blue Barn Produce & More sell direct to consumers at on-site locations and farmers markets.

Flowers at local Greenhouse and NurseryIdaho nursery growers and local greenhouses also carry a wide range of annuals and perennials. You can give your garden a new look every growing season with annuals such as pansies, petunias, and marigolds. Their life cycles lasts one season which allows for fun experimentation. Perennials such as salvia, peonies, day lilies or rudbeckia can help brighten up your garden, and once established, most perennials are low-maintenance. Perennials thrive during spring and summer, die back in colder months and return to bloom in spring, giving your garden a consistent look each growing season.

Need a little help with your garden planning? FarWest Landscape and Garden Center is a full-service gardening center, staffed by expert gardeners, that can help you with all of your green-thumb needs including planting and delivery service. Idaho also produces excellent, earth-friendly soil and compost products in the state from processors such as Magic Dirt potting soil, Magic Valley Compost and Smart Gro fertilizer.


Grow Idaho Trees and Shrubs

Idaho also has several tree farms throughout the state that grow hearty, beautiful trees that thrive in Idaho’s high desert climate. 

If you need to add a little shade to your yard look for locally grown trees from Clayton Tree Farm, Cloverdale Nursery, Bonners Ferry Nursery, Du-Rite Nursery, or Town & Country Gardens.

Idaho growers concentrate on zone hardy, deciduous trees, evergreens, ornamental fruit and flowering trees as well as drought tolerant shrubs including potentilla, currant, cistena plum, juniper, redtwig dogwood varieties, spirea, virburnum and forsythia. Our local growers and retailers are experts in their field and understand that soil conditions vary greatly throughout Idaho.

Visit one of our Idaho Preferred nurseries throughout the state and allow them to help you find the best trees and shrubs for your specific area and how to prepare the ground for site planting. Buying Idaho-grown plants and trees is not only a great way to support the local economy, but the plants are also acclimated to the growing conditions in Idaho assuring a magnificent lawn, landscape or garden.

Click here to view a map of local nurseries and growers throughout the state.