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Cloverdale Nursery & Turf Farm

Cloverdale Nursery was founded in 1964 by Hans Barbonus. Hans Barbonus was a skilled architect, with a passion for plants, who migrated to America from Germany.

When looking at the Nursery you can see his heritage reflected all around. The stained glass windows in the silo, antique cobblestones, terracotta roofing, and intricately carved pillars in the courtyard.

Nothing adds beauty and value to landscaping like the quality trees and shrubs you’ll find at Cloverdale Nursery. Their field-grown material includes a large selection of evergreens and zone-hardy deciduous trees.

The Nursery’s located on 19 acres with a 5 acre can yard which includes a healthy supply of zone-hardy, drought-tolerant shrubs, perfect for Southwestern Idaho, including potentilla, currant, cistena plum, juniper, redtwig dogwood varieties, spirea, viburnum, and forsythia.

Local soil conditions can vary greatly so be sure to ask about the best tree and shrub options and optimal site preparation for planting.

Cloverdale Nursery offers over 50 years of experience growing turf in the Treasure Valley, ensuring the highest quality sod for a healthy, pristine lawn. They grow a variety of seed blends that meet the both residential and commercial landscaping requirements.


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