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Cushman Family Farm

Trevor and Kim Cushman, along with their three daughters, own and operate Cushman Family Farm in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Trevor, a fourth-generation farmer, is deeply passionate about agriculture, while Kim brings a background in education and a love for children to the family’s operations, making homeschooling on the farm a natural fit. Their daughters, Katie, Peyton, and Avery, are integral to the farm’s daily activities. They tend to animals, operate heavy equipment, manage pens, drive tractors, and address health needs, all while keeping up with their education.

Cushman Family Farm is renowned for its high-quality barley-fed beef and lamb. The farm utilizes black Angus genetics for their cow/calf operation and Texel genetics for their lamb. Calves born on the farm are either raised to become replacement cows or steers for consumption. With a legacy in raw milk dairy, the farm also raises bottle calves, leading to consistently superior meat quality characterized by tenderness and flavor. They prioritize animal welfare and land stewardship, offering hands-on farm tours for visitors of all ages to experience authentic farm life.

The Cushmans actively engage with their community, offering tours to anyone who asks. Their farm has been a destination for school field trips, including the 9B Foundations (highlighted on their Facebook page), 4H Farm Tour, and the Boundary County Ag Tour sponsored by Farm Bureau and the Soil Conservation District. Additionally, they have spoken at the University of Idaho’s Food Summit in Sandpoint.

Trevor and Kim’s commitment to sustainable practices and educational outreach makes Cushman Family Farm a cornerstone of their community, providing a model for the integration of family, farming, and education.