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Fish Breeders of Idaho

Leo and Judy Ray started their first catfish farm, Fish Breeders, in the Imperial Valley of California in 1968. In the search of a new and better way to raise fish, they moved to Idaho and created Fish Breeders of Idaho in 1973.

Geothermal water, concrete raceways, high density production, and temperature control were successfully introduced to catfish production. They then introduced this technology to Tilapia production creating the first successful Tilapia farm in the U.S. Always mindful to remain at the forefront of aquaculture technology, Rainbow Trout was added to Fish Breeders of Idaho’s production in 1978. Sturgeon production began in 1988.

In 2004 Fish Breeders proudly introduced their phenomenal Idaho White Sturgeon Caviar, the “American Beluga”, to their product line. Today Fish Breeders of Idaho continues to lead the aquaculture industry in new species production and technology. Their most recent venture is tropical aquarium fish.

Fish Processors, a subsidiary of Fish Breeders of Idaho, Inc., processes all the fish raised by Fish Breeders of Idaho and ships product all over the United States. All fish are raised in a environmental friendly manner, supplying the American people with a healthy, delicious protein source that is American farm-raised and processed. Leo and Judy are committed to leaving their grandchildren a better world and company.

To purchase product, contact the processing plant at 208-837-6114. Or find our products at one of the following Idaho distributors: Idaho Bounty, Ocean Beauty Boise, and Mountain Pride.


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