Huston Vineyards

16473 Chicken Dinner Rd.

Huston, ID 83607
(208) 867-1512


Hours of Operation


Established in 1911 as the agriculture portal to Southwest Idaho’s urban communities, Huston provided the transportation hub for farmers to ship fresh fruits and vegetables via the Boise Interurban Railway. Locavore wasn’t just a philosophy but a way of life as surrounding towns received the freshest produce from the market basket of Huston and the nearby farming community.

Much like the mission of Huston Idaho in 1911, the mission of Huston Vineyards is to grow and ship high quality crops directly to the communities who savor perfectly grown grapes.

Today, Huston Idaho is the home of Huston Vineyards, a botique vineyard and winery established in 2006. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah were planted and thrive on this site of rich volcanic soil and long sunny days.

In addition, Gregg and Mary Alger and family provide an additional key ingredient; a tasting facility adjacent to the vineyard to invite patrons to enjoy world class wines where the fruit begins at the vine and is finished by the Sun.

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