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Lazy K Sunset Farm

A small boutique farm providing quality produce during the growing season, hand-gathered chicken eggs all year, Honey from on site hives while it lasts and raise & breed dairy goats.

The farm is comprised of 42 acres and features a 13,000 square foot garden that is tended from Spring until late Fall. The goal is to bring fresh, chemical free produce to their community.

Most Saturday’s in the summer you will Lazy K Sunset slinging produce at the Idaho Falls Farmers Market.

Produce is available most weekends directly from the garden. Let them know what you are looking for and they can arrange a time to pick up or drop off. The farm accepts appointments to pick up and deliver their fresh produce, eggs and honey.

Lazy K Sunset Farm’s goat heard consists of 13 goats:

4 Mini-Lamancha Does: Fionna, Fawna, Buttercup and Reeses

2 Mini-Nubian Does: Rigby and Ririe

2 Nigerian Dwarf Does: Ivy & Iris

2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks: Lane and Tuff

2 Mini-Lamancha Bucks: Puck and Chaga

1 Mini-Nubian Buck: Waylon