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Lazy K Sunset Farm

Small boutique farm in roberts, idaho

Lazy K Sunset Farm is a small boutique farm in Roberts, Idaho providing quality produce during the growing season, hand-gathered chicken eggs all year, honey from on-site hives while it lasts, and also raises and breeds dairy goats.

The farm comprises 42 acres and features a 13,000-square-foot garden that is tended from spring until late fall. The goal is to bring fresh, chemical-free produce to their community. Most Saturdays in the summer you will find Lazy K Sunset slinging produce at the Idaho Falls Farmers Market.

Lazy K Sunset Farm’s goat heard consists of 13 goats:

  • 4 Mini-Lamancha Does: Fionna, Fawna, Buttercup and Reeses
  • 2 Mini-Nubian Does: Rigby and Ririe
  • 2 Nigerian Dwarf Does: Ivy & Iris
  • 2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks: Lane and Tuff
  • 2 Mini-Lamancha Bucks: Puck and Chaga
  • 1 Mini-Nubian Buck: Waylon

Produce is available most weekends directly from the garden. Let them know what you are looking for and they can arrange a time to pick up or drop off. The farm accepts appointments to pick up and deliver fresh produce, eggs, and honey.