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Nielsen Brothers Produce & Pace-Nielsen Farms

Growing Great Food and Great People Since 1947

Can you say “Sweet”?

Our goal is to produce the best tasting watermelon you’ve ever had.

Treasure Valley farms have grown watermelons before, but not quite like ours. After some fruitful trials and support from local businesses, Nielsen Brothers Produce was born and continues to prosper with improved quality, taste, and scope each year. 

Our History

In 1947, Lawrence and Marjorie Pace moved to the fertile Treasure Valley of Idaho and began farming near the Snake River; transforming the sagebrush into viable, productive fields. Lawrence’s son-in-law, Mel Nielsen, later joined the farm. Together, they became premium farmers building a legacy based on hard work and strong morals.

Mel’s three sons, Rod, Chad, and Lary, inherited the farm and the values instilled by the farm’s founders, while diversifying its crops and adopting new, sustainable technologies to promote soil health and crop nutrition. Our flagship crop is now the increasingly popular Nielsen Brothers Watermelon, grown with love, perspiration, and the legacy passed down to us.