Red Star Ranch

1908 E. 1300 S.

Hazelton, ID 83335
(208) 751-9510


Red Star Ranch is located along the Snake River canyon in Hazelton Idaho. In 2012, they took a big step and extended their crop farm to include livestock. It started small-an idea to use existing resources to provide healthy pasture-raised meat for their own families. Today they maintain small herds of Red Devon cattle and Red Wattle pigs and seasonally a flock of Red Ranger chickens and heritage turkeys. These traditional breeds are a perfect fit for a low input system and thrive on their forage and grass pastures year-round.

Red Star Ranch’s husbandry practices are centered around the belief that animals should always have access to fresh pasture year round.  Cattle, pigs and poultry are grazed on perennial or annual cover crop pastures and are supplemented with grass or alfalfa hay during the winter if necessary.

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