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Warm Springs Greenhouse

Family Owned & Operated Since 1970

In 1970 Earle Ward saw the opportunity to run a low cost, high efficiency greenhouse in Garden Valley, Idaho. He purchased a piece of land at the base of Garden Mountain and acquired a greenhouse structure from just up the road. That year beautiful flowers began to grow.

​Throughout the years Warm Springs has grown Ivy’s, Azaleas, Poinsettias, and much more. 

Today, Earle’s son, Leigh owns and operates Warm Springs with his wife Jan and help from their two sons John and Jesse.

Geothermal Heated Greenhouses

Warm Springs’ greenhouses are heated by water from a naturally occurring hot springs. The water runs through the greenhouse floors, walls, and ceilings, efficiently keeping the flowers comfortable throughout the growing process, with very little electricity.

Fun Fact: The water reaches temperatures of up to 190° Fahrenheit, hotter than Grand Prismatic Hot Springs in Yellowstone!

What We Grow and Where to Find It

Serving Southern Idaho with high quality hanging baskets, potting and bedding flowers, custom pots, succulents, floral potted plants, premium spring baskets, annuals and more. Find our flowers at florists, grocery stores, garden centers, and all Zamzow’s locations across Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Look for the Warm Springs Greenhouse tags and pots at your retailer!

For information on what’s in season and where to find our plants, follow Warm Springs Greenhouse on social media.