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Zeppole Baking Company

Handcrafted artisan breads, pastries and sweet breads.

Author Henry Miller once wrote, “You can travel fifty thousand miles in America without tasting a piece of good bread.”

It’s a shame he never got to Zeppole Baking Co., Boise’s premier artisan bakery.

At Zeppole, we believe in bread with character, bread that makes each meal or snack a pleasurable, satisfying experience. We know that, by adding a loaf of extraordinary bread, even the simplest fare can be turned into a memorable feast.

Creating delectable hand–crafted artisan breads is our joy and our passion, which might be one of the reasons why Boise Weekly calls Zeppole breads “near legendary.”

At this website, you’ll learn more about our artisan breads and other baked goods, meet the Alpers family, check out the menu for our cafés, find out where you can buy our products, and see what others have to say about Zeppole.