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Wasatch Mountain Man Skillet

Wasatch Mountain Man Skillet
  • Serves: 5-6
Idaho is known for producing high-quality agricultural products, including potatoes and beef, which are key components of this recipe. The potatoes in this dish are sourced from local Idaho farms, where the rich volcanic soil and ideal growing conditions produce some of the best potatoes in the world. The beef in this recipe is also sourced from local Idaho farms, where cattle graze on nutrient-rich grasses and enjoy ample space to roam. The result is beef that is tender and flavorful, adding richness and depth to the skillet dish.    

Categorized: Breakfast


3 tablespoons Idaho butter4 cups frozen Southern Style Idaho hashbrown potatoes

1 ½-2 cups cooked cubed Idaho corned beef or ham

8-10 cups fresh Idaho grown baby spinach

5-6 local eggs

Salt and pepper, to taste

Garnish of choice, tomatoes, chives, fruit, etc





  • Adjust portions to fit pan size and taste preference.

  • Melt butter until hot and bubbly over medium to medium high heat in a large deep skillet or dutch oven. Add potatoes (should be a single layer or close to a single layer of potatoes); season to taste. Cook 6-7 minutes, turn. Add meat over potatoes; pile spinach on top of meat and sprinkle with a touch of water (no more than about 1-teaspoon is needed); cover and partially wilt spinach 1-2 minutes. Make small hollows or nests in the spinach and gently add 1 egg to a hollow. Season to taste, cover, reduce heat to medium to medium-low; cook 7-8 minutes or until spinach is wilted, and egg whites are completely cooked (egg yolks cooked to preference).

  • Remove hash from heat, using a spoon cut into servings and dish onto individual plates. Spoon sauce over top, garnish and enjoy.