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Sweet, Juicy, Idaho Peaches

A peach orchard

Looking for the sweetest, juiciest peach? Then you are in luck – Idaho peaches are now in season. Idaho’s peaches are extra sweet due to the perfect summer growing conditions – warm days and cool nights lead to maximum sugar production. And, due to their perishable and fragile nature, out-of-state peaches are usually picked green and hard to allow for shipping. Idaho peaches on the other hand are tree-ripened and picked by hand, leading to a more flavorful fruit and a superior choice for all your summer recipes.

Peaches are not only delicious fresh but can also be dried, canned, made into jams, jellies, desserts, and more! On these hot summer days what would be better than some homemade Idaho Honey Peach Ice Cream or a homemade Peach pie? Click here for great peach recipes.

Want to try canning? Canning peaches is easy and Kelley’s Canyon Orchard has U-Pick canning peaches available now. Head down to their orchard and fruit stand in Buhl for fun day of picking. You can also buy canning peaches directly from the orchard at Symm’s Fruit Ranch in Sunnyslope.

If you want to impress your friends try serving doughnut peaches at your next barbeque. As the name implies, doughnut peaches are small and somewhat flat or doughnut-shaped…and they are as sweet as a doughnut too! Doughnut peaches’ flesh doesn’t stick to the pit like a regular peach making them easier to eat for a quick and less messy treat and kids love them because they are just the right size for small hands. You can purchase Idaho doughnut peaches directly from Garrett Ranches in Wilder.

peaches in a wire basket

There are several orchards in Idaho that grow delicious Idaho peaches. Look for them at your favorite grocery store or farmers’ market. However, to make sure they are grown and picked right here Idaho, look for the Idaho Preferred logo.