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Idaho’s Perfect Pairing: June is Idaho Wine + Dairy Month

June is both Idaho Wine and Dairy Month and we think there is no more perfect opportunity than now to get to know your local grape growers, winemakers, and cheese crafters. To explore the perfect wine and cheese pairings, look no further than the Farm + Food Finder on the Idaho Preferred website and discover local farms, creameries, and wineries that offer an abundance of ag-artisan foods and beverages.

Whether you prefer a robust red wine with a sharp aged cheddar or a crisp white wine with creamy brie, the Idaho Preferred Farm + Food Finder will guide you to the producers who consistently craft the perfect combinations to tantalize your taste buds.

Experience Idaho Agriculture and meet the local winemakers, grape-growers, and farmers who are committed to using a minimum of 95% Idaho-grown grapes in their wines!

EXPLORE IDAHO WINE ON THE IDAHO PREFERRED VINE TO WINE GUIDE! Idaho’s wine industry has been gaining recognition and acclaim in recent years, with winemakers producing an impressive array of varietals. Idaho has three official AVAs to explore, including the picturesque vineyards of the Snake River Valley, the Eagle Foothills, and the fertile slopes of the Lewis-Clark Valley. Idaho’s wine regions offer a diverse selection of wines to suit every palate, each uniquely distinct.

EXPLORE IDAHO DAIRY AND INDULGE YOUR TASTEBUDS! Idaho’s dairy industry is renowned for its high-quality cheeses, ice cream, milk, and yogurt products. From creamy cheddar to tangy goat cheeses and flavorful blues, or the frozen flavors of fresh blended ice cream, Idaho’s dairy artisans craft an impressive range of delectable options.

Celebrate Idaho Agriculture by trying a new Idaho wine or dairy product during June — or anytime! By enjoying a glass of Idaho wine, or indulging in Idaho’s rich dairy products, you not only treat yourself to a delightful experience but also support your local agricultural producers and contribute to Idaho’s thriving agricultural economy.