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june is dairy month

June in Idaho is Dairy Month! As Idaho’s #1 agriculture industry, there is a lot to celebrate. Be on the lookout for related events across the state, as family operated farms and creameries host a variety of special events, workshops, and on-site tours!

Dairy Events

Idaho Dairy

Idaho dairy farmers labor day in and day out to bring you the freshest, most wholesome dairy products imaginable. It’s no wonder our state ranks third in the nation for cheese and milk production. So, whether you’re craving a creamy latte to start your day, a gooey grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, or a decadent scoop of ice cream to end your evening on a sweet note, Idaho dairy has you covered. Idaho dairy farmers take pride in every product they create, from the tangy sharpness of aged cheddar to the velvety smoothness of freshly churned butter, and the flowing gallons of milk in between.

Idaho dairy products

Did you know?

Idaho ranks as the number three state in the nation for milk and cheese.

Idaho is home to approximately 646,000 dairy cows, happily residing on nearly 500 family-owned dairy farms.

Idaho Dairy Cow

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Idaho Dairy Trail

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Scooped Ice Cream Trail

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Dairy West

Dairy West represents dairy farm families in Idaho and Utah and promotes the dairy industry and dairy products locally, nationally and globally.

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24 Idaho Dairy Producers

Idaho Dairy Playlist

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