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Idaho Preferred® Blog Category: Experience Agriculture


By: Dawn Larzelier

Whether you prefer a robust red wine with a sharp aged cheddar or a crisp white wine with creamy brie, the Idaho Preferred Farm + Food Finder will guide you to the producers who are committed to Idaho agriculture!


By: Dawn Larzelier

Chef Higgins makes it a point to regularly stock the Lively’s kitchen with ingredients from local Idaho farmers, ranchers and food crafters... and they are fondly referred to as “collaborative partners” at The Lively, and regularly featured on the seasonal menus.

Idaho Preferred Month||||||||||||||||||||

By: Dawn Larzelier

RETAIL PARTNER COLLABORATIONS Idaho Preferred Month is the time of year to spotlight Idaho’s fresh fruit and vegetable harvest season with our retail partner collaborations...

Thirsty Thursday||||Idaho Preferred Label||

By: Dawn Larzelier

September is Idaho Preferred Month, by proclamation of the Governor of Idaho, honoring our 25,000 farm and ranch families that produce locally grown or raised...