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Let’s Get Cookin’!

The kids are out of school and the pantry is stocked- this sounds like the perfect opportunity for educational cooking!

Lets start with beans! Beans are a great source of fiber. Do you need beans? If so Soranco Beans in Twin Falls has plenty, stop by and stock up today. Can’t make it to Twin Falls? Don’t worry- 1,000 Springs Mill has online ordering and can be shipped direct to your door for a very reasonable price. Also, find local beans at Lark and Larders and the Boise Co-op! Stock up and support local farmers- it’s a win win! OR do you already have beans?

This Idaho Chili recipe from the Idaho Bean Commission is a great way to use dried beans, combined with Idaho onions and topped with Idaho Cheese. Add a warm Idaho tortilla from Rodriguez Bakery as a side or fresh baked bread from Zeppole or Bigwood Bread Co.
Get the kids involved- First take this opportunity to teach kids that not all beans come from a can. Soak the beans! This will take a couple hours- while they soak, teach them about beans.
Check out this Edible Idaho poster featuring beans.

Don’t let those bags of potatoes go bad or start growing in your pantry. Mashing potatoes can be a fun activity for kids! Incorporate Idaho potatoes and Chobani yogurt into a recipe and let the kids do the mashing.
Let your kids get creative and learn about the life of Spuddy Buddy in this coloring book from the Idaho Potato Commission. Spuddy Buddy isn’t the only potato out there- In Idaho we harvest about 13 billion pounds a year of potatoes.

Is a whole potato more your style? This calls for a potato bar! Top your potato with a variety of Idaho products. With over 185 different commodities there’s something for everyone when it comes to Idaho agriculture! We would suggest: Idaho sour cream, Falls Brand Bacon, Idaho cheese, and Idaho butter. Have you already made the Idaho chili recipe? If so, Smoother your baked potato in chili!

Looking for another way to entertain you kids while they are out of school. Dairy west is offering a virtual field trip to a dairy farm tomorrow (March 19th) at 9am. For more information visit the Unbottled Facebook page.