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A+ Ranch

A+ Ranch Organics

A+ Ranch in Richfield is a second-generation family farm, founded in 1978. Through the 1980’s and 90s the farm raised turkeys, cattle, and forage crops with organic farming practices always innate. Our farm was Certified Organic in 2008. 

At A+ Ranch we consider our products to be “beyond organic”. We take extra efforts necessary to nurture the soil from which we grow crops to feed our animals. Products which cannot be grown, such as the high protein feeds required to start and grow young turkeys, are carefully procured with only the best quality products making the cut. Our animals live outside exclusively from the age where they are old enough to withstand the elements. Utmost care and detail is placed on animal husbandry practices on our farm, such as ensuring continuous access to pasture and high quality forages.

In addition to organic Turkey, Chicken, and Beef, we produce certified organic crops (corn, hay, and grains). We are proud to be a dealer for Big Sky Organic Feed, certified organic animal feeds. Additionally we sell farm equipment to meet the needs of farmers with 1 acre or 1000.

Please feel free to call, text, or message us anytime to order direct, and get more information on available products, animal husbandry practices, and/or to set up a time to stop by the farm!