Kraay’s Market & Garden

171 Schoessler Lane

Bellevue, ID 83313
(208) 481-1101


In 2013, Larry and Sherry chose a plant-based lifestyle for many personal, as well as global, reasons. In researching growing their own food on a large scale, they came across several sources that talked about turning this idea into a business. Greenhouses were purchased and production began. Within months, demand skyrocketed, and expansion was needed. Another greenhouse was added in November 2015.

Kraay’s Market & Garden offers home delivery, at no charge, to customers in the Wood River Valley. Online ordering opens up on Sunday morning at 11 am, closing on Monday at 4 pm. Deliveries are made on Wednesday. Sign up here.

Kraay’s Market & Garden loves giving tours! From preschool-12th grade students to elderly people they welcome everyone. They will give you a tour and introduce you to their farm animals. Please call ahead for a tour.

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