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Harvest Ridge Organics

Local Whole Grain Products, From Our Farm To Your Kitchen

Meet Doug McIntosh, the owner of Harvest Ridge Organics situated in the picturesque Lewiston, Idaho. This region is known for its unique capability to cultivate hard red spring wheat, which surpasses all other grains, including oats, in terms of protein content. Doug shares with us about how his family obtained the land and expanded their organic fields. He also provides insights into their cultivation and milling processes, which enable them to distribute their products nationwide. Harvest Ridge Organics flours are used for crafting delectable, certified organic pastries, bread, and pizza crusts.

Today, as a fifth-generation farm, this Idaho-based family farm prides itself on producing some of the finest certified organic wheat, rolled oats, and sustainably farmed soft Durum wheat from the Palouse region of Idaho!

Harvest Ridge Organics now also grows grapes and has started Lindsay Creek Vineyards.

Products: Cert. Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat & Flour, Cert. Organics Rolled Oats & Sustainably-Grown Soft Durum Wheat & Flour, Grapes