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Hen and Hare Microfarm with Apis

Sustainable and Responsible

From our small microfarm comes a broad product selection; all of it good for you. Pasture-raised poultry, homemade jams, and herbal skincare products showcase the diverse assortment of delicious and beneficial things our 2 small acres of urban farmland can produce.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everything on this planet is interconnected including what we put into our bodies, what we put onto our bodies, and how we live. From our well-raised animals to our herbal skincare products, everything is a product of some aspect of the farm. We treat our animals with respect and a dedicated focus to their health. And we treat our garden’s insects with the same high regard, knowing that they are responsible for a critical function in food production.

And while we’re at it, we work to make a happy life for ourselves here, too.