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Hen and Hare Microfarm with Apis

Sustainable and Responsible

Meet Jessica Harrold, the creative force behind Hen & Hare Microfarm, whose journey from a small farm in Sand Hollow defies expectations. Initially disliking the idea of tractor-bound life (or working with a lot of cows), her perspective shifted after a work gig on a small, local farm revealed a more inspiring and creative side to agriculture.

Out of this newfound appreciation, Jessica birthed Apis, a farm apothecary line, featuring salves and serums made from botanical ingredients she’s grown in her own gardens.

While the word “microfarm” may paint a poetic picture, rest-assured that Jessica keeps busy as a worker bee with the various chores required to run her operation and build a successful business.

After planting their first crops on a tiny plot of land, Jessica and her husband embraced the growth of their microfarm and moved onto a 2-acre haven in South Boise where they introduced livestock like Jacobs Sheep, turkeys, and rabbits, and also increased their garden production. 

An advocate for pollinators,  she plants diverse flowers to create habitats for beneficial insects. In her spare time, Jessica works with Ada Soil and Water Conservation District, urging others to plant their own pollinator-friendly gardens in their backyards. 

Jessica is a regular vendor at the Boise Farmers Market and participates in maker fairs throughout the year. Additionally, she is proud to offer practical homesteader education, such as butchery classes, to the general public.

“This diversity creates a natural ecosystem – a closed-loop system benefitting the whole, “ she says, which is an apt metaphor for creating a life that is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

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