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Peaceful Belly Farm

Peaceful Belly is an Organic Farm, Cider House, Farm Stand, and Farm to Fork Restaurant situated in the Sunny Slope region of SW Idaho. It was founded in 2002 by Clay and Josie Erskine, and it serves as their home, heart, and community.

Peaceful Belly Farm specializes in the cultivation of hand-raised vegetables, herbs, flowers, and berries. It is certified organic through the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, demonstrating a strong commitment to the principles of organic farming and the integrity of its practices.

With a focus on creating a healthy and sustainable agricultural system, Peaceful Belly Farm cultivates over 180 different types of veggies, predominantly heirloom varieties. Their farming methods incorporate various techniques such as the use of cover crops, compost, drip irrigation, companion planting, and integrated pest management.

As an agrarian-focused business, Peaceful Belly Farm consists of farmers who craft artisan products from the soils they nurture. They aim to foster a deep connection with the community by promoting regional culinary innovation and maintaining ecological transparency in all their hand-crafted goods and inspirational events. Moreover, the farm strives to establish an economically sustainable business model that educates, entertains, and enriches the beautiful Idaho way of life.


Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, CSA, Cider House Farm, and Café. Over 180 different types of heirloom veggies.