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Idaho Kombucha

Small batch kombucha lovingly crafted in Idaho

Idaho Kombucha Co. lovingly crafts authentic kombucha using organic, local and wild foraged
ingredients. Kombucha is a living, functional beverage loaded with probiotics, antioxidants,
organic acids and B vitamins. It’s fermented using organic tea, organic cane Sugar and a Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). Each of our probiotic-rich brews has distinctive flavor and aroma.

We currently self-distribute our kombucha in aluminum cans and kegs to retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in Idaho’s Treasure Valley and beyond. We also sell at the Boise Farmers Market on most Saturdays.

  • 12 oz cans: Blackberry Fig, Ginger Peach, Honeycrisp Apple, Pink Grapefruit Sea Salt & What The Huckleberry
  • 16 oz cans: Random Acts of Kombucha seasonal offerings, current flavor: Sunny Tom (Sun gold tomato, mint, black pepper, Pink Himalayan salt)
  • 5 Gallon Kegs: Everything we offer in cans plus tiny batch offerings featuring local produce and fruit such as Apricot Sage, Watermelon Jalapeño, Hopbiscus, Elderberry Rosehip-ster and many more
  • 12.7 oz. Barrel-aged Kombucha Vinegar (kombucha aged for 3+ months in Koenig Distilling whiskey barrels)

Our Story

We began brewing kombucha in our home kitchen, developing recipes with fresh fruit and herbs from our garden, or foraged edibles from the foothills. We shared our concoctions with friends and neighbors who encouraged us to continue. Those early experiments lead to a Kombucha CSA share, delivered by bicycle, and a booth at the Boise Farmers Market where we can still be found on most Saturday mornings. 

Our batch sizes have increased slightly, but we employ the same artisan brewing techniques to handcraft authentic kombucha chock full of live cultures. And, we thoughtfully produce unique flavors with organic ingredients from local and regional farms. Created to be equally delicious and healthful, we strive for the perfect balance between sweet and tart. 

Kombucha is a living, functional beverage loaded with probiotics, antioxidants, organic acids and B vitamins. These properties have the potential to boost energy, improve digestion, enhance immunity and detoxify.

We carefully monitor and sample each batch of kombucha as it ferments to ensure the highest quality. Our brews have subtle, nuanced flavor while still retaining the taste and health benefits of traditional kombucha. 


We’re committed to a more sustainable way of doing business with eco-friendly ingredient sourcing, as well as our brewing, canning and recycling practices. We consider the impact of every step of production and reduce waste where possible in an effort to be good stewards of the environment and our local community. 

All kombucha byproducts are composted including organic material like tea leaves, fruit/veggie scraps, etc. When SCOBY’s are no longer viable they go to local farmers and become essential feed for chickens and pigs. We are diligent about recycling everything possible including plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, paper, etc. to divert waste from the landfill. Our new case packaging requires less cardboard and we’re reusing these boxes along with our 4- and 6-pack plastic holders.

Local & Organic Ingredients

Organic processes protect natural resources and conserve biodiversity. We brew delicious kombucha with real, organic ingredients and never compromise. Our fermentation process begins with purified water, certified organic and Fair Trade teas, and organic cane sugar. We use fresh local herbs, fruit and roots when feasible to support Treasure Valley farmers and improve the flavor and nutrition of our brews. We carefully scavenge the foothills for botanicals and continue to utilize our own herb garden as well. When we can’t source ingredients within our own food shed, we locate organic farms and professional foragers in the Pacific Northwest.